Why nexus-i

You love to connect with your customer; or employee; or your channel partner. You devise awesome reward and recognition plans. And then lose your head trying to administer and fulfil those plans. And wish there was someone who would take the pain out of reward and recognition programs. Look no further. nexus-i is the one.

What do we bring to the table?

Expertise :

The Nexus-i team carries a mix of skills in sourcing, ecommerce and logistics.  Skills honed by working in leading consumer product and internet companies that provided an understanding of the importance of connecting with customers, employees and partners. We are the reward and recognition parters for some of the leading corporates in the country.

Range :

We believe that rewards and recognition should have no constraints. Choice should be infinite. We work with a huge number of suppliers and service providers across a variety of categories  to provide you a well designed rewards and recognition program that will keep your customers, employees and partners delighted.

Reach :

We truly believe that geographical constraints  is  a thing of history.  We have an unparalleled reach within the country. The fact that some of your customers, employees and partners are located in remote places should not limit your rewards and recognition program. We work with renowned national and local logistics partners to make this happen.

Service :

We believe that the defining factor in a rewards and recognition program is the satisfaction that the customer, employee or partner experiences and connects him/her deeply with your organization.  We have some of the best systems to track and monitor programs and provide real time customer service. Our endeavour is to delight your customers, employees and partners.